All your purchase data in one place

See how much you spend with each retailer, and tell them to protect your data.
Pyrl then works with your retailers so you will also see the items you’ve bought.

Unlock the power of your purchase data

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Today there’s no one place to see item-level purchases across all your retailers

Item-level tracking

Monitor and compare spending on specific types of items
and identify opportunities to save.

Know which retailers deserve your trust

Give more of your business to trustworthy retailers –
Get preferred pricing and exclusive offers in return.

Health alerts and warnings

With item-level purchase data, Pyrl can flag products you’ve purchased which may be damaging to your health or contain alarming ingredients.

Like a Pearl — Your data is precious and valuable.  It should be protected in a shell that only you can decide to open to others.


Safe and Secure

Pyrl keeps your data safe through bank-level encryption.

You are the only one who can see or access to your data in Pyrl.


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