How Pyrl Works

A simple application to request, track and monitor your privacy across retailers you shop with

What steps does Pyrl take to give you the privacy and use of your own purchase data?

  1. Once you register with Pyrl, we can act on your behalf as your ‘privacy agent’ and request that each retailer comply with your data privacy directives.
  2. To increase leverage for users, Pyrl periodically counts all our users’ anonymized and aggregated requests for each retailer, to determine the retailers most important to our user community.
  3. Pyrl then initiates direct contact with retailers on your behalf.  This includes: preparing communications based on recent regulations and laws, notifying each retailer of your privacy directives, and engaging directly with key personnel of the retailers most important to our user community.
  4. We negotiate that both your directives for privacy and access to view and use your own purchase data be honored.


Why should retailers comply?

  1. Pyrl is the first platform that creates a win-win for retailers to honor your data wishes, by enabling the consumer to drive trust-based commerce.  About 84% of our user-base chooses to spend more with the “good guys” that respect privacy.
  2. Ethically, this information is yours, and laws are increasingly requiring businesses to honor your data access and privacy requests.  Failure to do so can result in financial and reputational penalties.
  3. We publicly list which retailers honor our users’ privacy requests, and which ones do not (either by denying your requests or failing to engage with us in a timely manner).  This adds consumer pressure for retailers to comply.
  4. We provide retailers a safe and secure way to find our users in their systems, without giving them any information they don’t already have or need.  For example, some retailers will require your email, proof of physical address, or a mobile number.
  5. We give retailers a secure way (API) to confirm they are honoring your ‘do-not-share/sell my data’ requests, and a secure way pass your item-level purchase information to you via Pyrl, where only you can unlock it.

This creates benefits and a new kind of healthy competition for “good guy” retailers.  It reinforces trust-based commerce and ethical business practices that protect consumers.


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