Our Team

Adam NewmanFounder, CEO

Passion: Pyrl.  Learn Why I created Pyrl.  

Experience: Creating “win/win” disruption of an incumbent industry through technology & data to create massive value for Americans. CEO. COO.  Ex-Common Securitization (Fannie/Freddie post-crisis JV solution; $500M annual returns), Ex-Arbitron (acquired by Nielsen), Ex-NYC entrepreneur.

Mona Zahir, Growth, Partnerships and Policy

Passion: Reviewing and applying ethical technology standards in products, platforms, and services.

Experience:  Ex-Meta, Government Affairs Fellow at Amazon, Master of Public Policy, Technology at Duke.

Sean Szolek-Van Valkenburgh, Social Media and Influencer Strategy

Passion: Exploring technology, Ethics, and Consumer Rights through the creation of short- and long-form, accessible, social media content.  

Experience: Verified Social Media Influencer, Social Media Manager, BA in Instrumental Performance and Composition at Butler University.

Ben Quintana, Chief Technology Officer

Passion: Problem solving with technology.   Software architect and builder of teams.

Experience: KIS Solutions; multiple retail clients, Ex-Starwood Hotel.

Joao ChencciLead Developer

Passion: Creation of innovative platforms. 

Experience: KIS Solutions; multiple retail clients.

Khayla MorrisSocial Media Manager

Passion: Assisting and implementing the application of influencer marketing through outreach, content creation and communication.

Experience: Social media influencer, Master of I/O Psychology, Ecommerce lead, Marketing specialist.

Karam Bambawale, User engagement

Passion: Innovating impactfully at the intersection of ethics and emerging technologies.

Experience: Student Founder; Strategy at Deloitte; Ex-Growth at Surf; Economics, Computer Science, and Journalism at Duke.

Micah Schulman, User engagement

Passion: Improving transparency and ethical adherence in tech.

Experience: Undergraduate at Duke studying Computer Science & Public Policy, Cyber Policy Research, Ethical Tech.


6700 Alexander Bell Drive
Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21046

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