Pyrl is a grand slam for retailers

See how the first purchase privacy platform is a win-win for your business.

93% of our users choose to reward trusted retailers and brands

Granting you exclusive access, on terms the consumers decides –

Based on secured, item-level, cross-retailer interests.

Pyrl delivers on the most urgent needs facing the industry:


Our ROI (consent + item-level relevance) is not possible elsewhere.  It forges a new high-trust, high return channel that consumers themselves invite.

Privacy Yet Personalization

Act on a true single-view-of-the-customer, without any need to access sensitive consumer data.

Loyalty and Trust

As the first purchase privacy platform, our users know that Pyrl retailers can be trusted – and deserve more of their business.


Leapfrog data advantages over retail disruptors.  Deprive competitors of access to rich consumer data, while deepening your own consumer-permissioned reach.


Flip privacy compliance from a cost to an advantage.

Pyrl fits within your Enterprise Compliance, Risk, Information Security, Privacy and Legal frameworks.


    • Pyrl’s architecture guarantees that retailers and brands who give consumer their privacy and data access can only engage with consenting Pyrl consumers in proportion to their company’s overall participation level on the Pyrl network. 
    • Companies can control that level on their own, run self-directed tests and pilots, and see for themselves that enabling higher participation of their Pyrl server means more revenue from consumers who trust them.
    • This model also ensures fairness based on differing company sizes, and differing volumes of consumer data involved.

Data Residency

    • Pyrl’s distributed architecture means that your CIO and CISO are the decision-makers on where your Pyrl server resides.  It can reside in your own data center or cloud instance, behind your existing firewall and security infrastructure, or it can be hosted by Pyrl in a private cloud environment that you may co-administer.


    • Pyrl’s retailer APIs offer seamless integtation with your systems, and our integration team can quickly customize and test specific needs.  

Administration and Controls

    • Companies retain administrative rights to their Pyrl server, regardless of where it is installed.  From throttling your server’s participation level as you see fit, to filtering sensitive sku’s, to full reporting on how your server is participating on the Pyrl network- retailers and brands have the oversight necessary both to run self-directed tests and pilots, and to fully address their risk, compliance, and security protocols.

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