I’m Adam Newman, founder of Pyrl.  Thanks for checking out our story.


My personal “Why”

The origin of Pyrl began in 2002, when I lost my dad to cancer.

As with many diseases, his case couldn’t be explained by his genetics alone.  I began to wonder about all the products that we buy and use for our households, and how they affect our health.  It struck me that if the information about our item-level purchases, across retailers, was easily available to us, we could make more informed decisions about how products and their contents can affect our health.

The obstacle?  What I learned next surprised me. How we spend our money – down to the item level detail, is hugely valuable information not only to our health, but to our wallets, and to our privacy. Yet as consumers, we don’t have any way to even see this data! We have no way to get value and knowledge from our own purchase information, which is held by the companies we buy from. Additionally, while they profit substantially from using or even selling our information, we also have no effective way to control it’s privacy.

Privacy doesn’t just mean that others can’t see and use our data – it means that we can.  And with Pyrl – we will.


The Pyrl mission was born

Pyrl will empower consumers to see and use their own purchase information, and control its privacy.

And to turn commerce on its head – You’ll be able to grant relationships to companies who honor your privacy and earn your trust, to allow them to compete to serve your unique purchase interests.

Data privacy is a central and growing challenge of our time, and I’m proud to be giving consumers a powerful way to be a part of the solution.  At Pyrl we believe that the only way to create a new standard is to build a solution that always puts the consumer first — and that will have the support of the businesses who have our data.


So, why am I the guy?

Why should I be driving this mission to give consumers the tools to change any industry for the better, especially in unprecedented times like these?

After the 2008 financial housing crisis I wanted to get involved.  I was grateful to have a rare opportunity to propose and lead part of the solution.  We created a new company (called Common Securitization Solutions), a spin-out from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac that aligned interests across consumers and industry using a modern common data platform.  The best part?  It’s now driving about 500 million dollars in annual savings back to you, the taxpayer. (Check it out – hats off to my former colleagues!)

Pyrl continues my focus on creating technologies that help Americans restore fairness, transparency and competition to the industries most critical to their lives.

Why now?

In 2020, we are now in the midst of a global health and economic crisis. Consumers are hurting, and many companies won’t recover or will be forced to be acquired.  Competition for our business as a consumer will decrease, and the data about us will be further consolidated and monetized.

But we can all be a part of the solution.  Pyrl is a win-win platform; empowering us as consumers to not only see and use our own purchase information, but to restore fairness and competitiveness to commerce by rewarding those businesses that earn our trust.  


Please join me

As a father of four, I’m excited to be working on a problem that matters to all of us, and to the next generation.  

Like a Pearl — Our data is precious and valuable.  It should be protected in a shell that only we can decide to open to others.


I invite you to join our beta group of the first consumers in history who will own and use their most valuable data – the things we spend our money on.