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Built for consumers

We are a privacy-first company, which means that the privacy and security of your data is baked into our DNA and it’s the context from which we make all product and technology decisions.

Everything is encrypted, and you’re the only one with keys to your transaction data.  When you register and create a password, that password is used to further encrypt any association between you and your purchase data.  Not even team members at Pyrl can see an individual’s data without you intentionally unlocking it, for instance, during a tech support session.

With privacy as our foundation, we are building new ways for consumers to see, understand, control, and use their purchase data, along with new ways for retailers and other businesses you buy from to engage with you – but only when and how you explicitly permit that engagement.  The Pyrl platform ensures that your information is never accessible to others, and that only you can decide to be reached by companies – when it serves your best interests and preferences.

So retailers can say “yes”

Businesses need (and deserve) privacy too, so our technology ensures that as your retailers comply with requests for your data to be available to you via Pyrl, they too have full privacy assurance and control of the information they’re providing to you.  Pyrl enables businesses to administer their own Pyrl servers, and to host those servers wherever they choose; with us, or behind their existing security.  Pyrl’s distributed secure technology lets businesses retain essential controls when they cooperate to make your data available to you through their systems.

Pyrl’s technology platform assures privacy and control of item-level purchase data both to consumers, and to privacy-friendly businesses. 

Empowering consumers to change commerce

Consumers always come first with Pyrl, because your control over your data is engineered into our technology. 

Businesses benefit when they use Pyrl to honor your data usage and privacy requests, because they retain essential safeguards of data they agree to provide to you from their systems.  You can also decide to grant privacy-complying brands you trust the privilege of engaging with you in a new and exclusive way, based on your interests and consent.

Our obsessive approach to keeping your information safe revolves around the latest in cryptography, encryption, distributed data, and most of all, our passion for empowering consumers with the power of your most valuable information. 


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